Séminaire Mimed septembre 2023 – Mobilites of Transnational Youth: why trajectories matter

Le jeudi 28 septembre à la MMSH d’Aix en Provence (5 rue du château de l’Horloge), de 14h à 16h, salle Duby. Entrée libre, modalité à distance prévue (voir infra pour le lien zoom).

Invitée : Valentina Mazzucato, professeure de Globalisation et Développement à l’Université de Maastricht, lauréate d’une ERC Consolidator Grant et invitée au laboratoire TELEMMe pour le 1er semestre 2023-24, présentera ses travaux autour de “Mobilities of Transnational Youth: why trajectories matter”.

Discutante : Polina Palash, géographe-anthropologue, Aix-Marseille Université, TELEMMe.

Présentation : Research on youth with a migration background, and especially large quantitative studies that tend to be most influential in affecting policy and laws on migrant youth, has tended to ignore the physical mobility that young people engage in with their or their parents’ country of origin. Transnational migration and mobility studies argue that such trips are important for youth’s sense of identity and feelings of belonging, yet such studies are small in scale, usually based on long-term recall, and have had little influence on policies on youth with a migration background and how data on them are collected. Mazzucato argues that mobility trajectories is conceptually and methodologically a way to pay attention to a characteristic that may be more differentiating between all youth, whether with a migration background or not, in affecting their futures.

Prof. Valentina Mazzucato will present some of the integrated findings from her ERC-Consolidator financed research project called Mobility Trajectories of Young Lives: Transnational Youth in Global South and North (www.motrayl.com). She combines insights from long-term multi-sited ethnographic studies amongst young people of Ghanaian background living in Antwerp, The Hague, Hamburg, Accra, Kumasi and Sunyani with one of the first large-scale surveys focused on the mobility behaviours of secondary school pupils in the above cities. Prof. Mazzucato is on sabbatical leave at TELEMMe until December 20, 2023 and is happy to meet with researchers about their projects and potential mutual interests.

Lien pour suivre le séminaire en ligne : 


ID de réunion : 885 4116 0789 ; Code secret : 639671

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